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Team Manager for Facilities & Equipment

Purpose & Accountabilities :
Lead the upstream Facilities and Equipment data team in Manila by inspiring and developing the team members, improving and monitoring the quality and timeliness of the delivery and being hands on in delivering part of required deliverables.

The team provides support to Operating Units for Maintenance data in SAP, Asset/Maintenance Data Improvement Projects, Preventive Maintenance Optimization(PMO), creation of work packs, assistance with work preparation, planning & scheduling etc.,

Key Accountabilities:-

  • Leading the team from the front, hands-on, by guiding & motivating the team to come up with the ideas for process improvements & exploring the scope of automation. Accountability for ensuring that the 8-15 staff in the team deliver every day on agreed deliverables with high quality and, maintain a close and good relationship with their colleagues in the assets.
  • Drive a LEAN culture. The team manager ensures all team members understand how they add value, what quality is in the eye of the customers and spend time on improving the processes and tools used. Maintains the relationships with focal point in the various OUs and ensures that feedback from customers is adequately followed up with sustainable solutions.
  • Ensure the team has a good understanding of the expectations of the stakeholders/ representatives of various operating units and is actively managing those through effective communication and identifying & resolving challenges and issues.
  • The team manger provides regular coaching and feedback to the team members and develops the team members to become maintenance data experts.
  • Consistently demonstrate values and beliefs through action. Align team targets to business goals.
  • Collaborate openly with other parts of the organization. Make timely decisions under ambiguity.
  • Ensure that work instructions, training materials and back up plans are kept evergreen.

Business Dimensions:-
The role covers relationship management with several Upstream and Integrated Gas OUs. Changes in process standards tend to come with changes in the way data needs to be set up in the major SAP systems. The Team manager needs to be able to understand and explain to others how changes in process controls and technical standards need to be reflected in the IT systems. The role covers relationship management with several Upstream and Integrated Gas OUs.

Managing the costs for a team of up to 15 staff.

Team Manager for Facilities & Equipment

Manila, Metro Manila
Full Time Work

Published on 3 Aug 2020