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Senior Petroleum Engineering Specialist (WS/3237)

URGENT - TAX FREE 18 Month Contract in UAE

Open To:    To all Nationalities

Job Overview:     URGENT – Expression of interests (EOI) urgently required - Our Client is completing a Tender for Services – EOI’s needed by Friday 5th of August. An extension may be granted but we are keen to receive your application asap.

Our client, a global Company focused on providing technology and engineering solutions seeks a Senior Petroleum Engineering Specialist to support their oil operator client with their ongoing initiatives for Gas Production enhancement & sustainability, all which are designed to lay the foundation for the following corporate strategies:
•    Gas production growth
•    UAE’s strategic objective of Gas & Condensate self sufficiency
•    Maximize Gas and Condensate recovery
•    Mature Gas resources and reserves

In this role, you will
•    Provide adequate experience in Coil tubing drilling, smart well completion and rig-less intervention.
•    Build skills in advanced acid stimulation and smart well completion
•    Expertise in Lower completion / drilling, RMP with related field operations activities
•    Evaluate current issues involving well performance, operational procedures, well design, well integrity, and advise on recommended solutions
•    Investigate / propose relevant technologies toward maximizing value
•    Present high level Cost optimization (CAPEX & OPEX) associated with implementation timeline, candidates selection criteria, resources required, and value creation

There are many different phases to this project, ranging from identifying the current challenges of operations, building a mitigation matrix, exploring new technologies to enhance gas well deliverability, to field implementations.

Responsibilities:    In this role, you will deliver the following:
•    Progress reporting on bi-weekly basis according to the study timeline duration and according to milestones.
•    Written technical report and presentation detailing for main areas of:
•    Highlighting any gaps and focus areas improving business and ensure maximizing profitability
•    Advanced Production Technology & Incremental production opportunities
•    Successful Technologies for improving well performance
•    Relevant proposed pilot configuration, schedule, expected results and success criteria
•    Recommend technical best practices, benchmarked with industry leaders
•    Build mitigation plans to accelerate applying the unique solutions for the current and expected challenges
•    Apply the assessed solutions in a pilot wells whenever feasible
•    Investigate at high level the costs (CAPEX & OPEX) associated with the projects
•    Propose way forward to reduce costs and improve value
•    Provide day to day reservoir and petroleum engineering coaching to UAE national
•    Knowledge Transfer by product to the study team members.

Preferences:     The successful candidate will have:
•    Experience/familiarity of UAE Assets and Oil & Gas Fields Development challenges highly desired.
•    20+ years of experience of petroleum and operation activities essential.
•     Broad expertise in Petroleum Engineering aspects
•    Strong knowledge in the following areas:
    Coiled tubing drilling and related technologies
    Advanced Smart well completion
    Advanced Acid Stimulation
    Acid Fracture and related activities
•    Expertise in Lower completion / drilling, RMP with related field operations activities essential.
•    Experience optimizing complex field development plans for giant oil and gas fields essential.
•    Experience leading independent project reviews, Technology evaluation etc. essential
•    Special skills in resolving special problems (e.g. operation challenges, Tight Reservoir Development, production enhancement) essential
•    Good communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate with Company’s engineers and service providers
•    Can work independently and suggest innovative ideas to improve and enhance the solution
•    Experience in developing Standard Operating Procedures for oil and gas reservoirs
•    Previous experience working Middle East assets desired.  
•    Strong interpersonal skills –ability to relay technical knowledge and concepts in a coherent and friendly manner.
•    Fluency in English essential. Arabic advantageous.

Package:    TAX Free 18 Month Contract - Attractive Day Rate is on offer, which includes accommodation, flight. VISA organised….

PS. Please submit a Cover Letter in support of your application - it should outline a) why you feel you may be particularly suited to this position (i.e. relevant skills/experience and education) b) your availability and c) your day rate expectations.



Senior Petroleum Engineering Specialist (WS/3237)

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Long Term Contract
more than 10 years of experience

Published on 2 Aug 2022