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Senior Marketing Specialist

Position Description:
We are seeking a Senior Marketing Specialist to join the Marketing Communications Division of the Corporate Communication Department.

You will be tasked with strategic plan development, campaign execution, and brand sponsorship management. The role requires a strategic and innovative thinker who has the ability to connect marketing to all other aspects of our business. You will be required to constantly and proactively combine an in-depth knowledge of our business objectives and our competitive landscape to deliver an effective marketing strategy and recommendations. You should also be capable of building and leading all phases of a sponsorship program. This involves responsibility for developing and maintaining a marketing plan for the sponsor program to meet or exceed the overall business objectives. The ideal candidate is excited about all things digital, strategic planning, problem-solving, analyzing data, and interacting with management.

Minimum Requirements:
As the successful candidate you will:

Hold a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Advertising, or related field.

Have 12+ years of experience in advertising, duty-free marketing, and/or sports sponsorship.

Have strong written and verbal communication skills.

Be able to adapt to multicultural environment.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:

Conduct in-depth research to identify new market opportunities and consumer preferences to support campaign creations.

Plan and conduct market research to assess the communication strategy and the organization positioning.
Identify, develop, and implement a communication strategy to effectively engage with stakeholders.
Set specific marketing goals that align with the overall direction and business goals.

Track and measure marketing outcomes, including marketing activities, response, and ROI.

Forecast market trends and research market to identify new opportunities.

Generate innovative ideas to promote our brand and our products.

Develop business cases to support new marketing strategies, budget requests, projects, and marketing plans.

Help maintain the organization's corporate image and identity.

Evaluate Marketing programs to determine whether they are compatible with the organization’s strategy.
Develop creative briefs for the various programs and initiatives.

Prepare and supervise the production of publicity brochures, handouts, leaflets, promotional videos, and photographs.

Develop and implement a sponsorship sales plan for increasing revenues in a cost-effective manner. Target objectives include increasing sponsorship sales and creating sponsorship products and licensing deals to meet or exceed the overall business objectives.

Develop and implement an annual trade show or other events to assist in achieving the business objectives.
Develop, maintain, and implement sponsorship program guidelines to increase sponsorship recruitment, satisfaction, and support.

Manages all sponsorship activities. Responsible for sponsor prospecting, proposal customization and presentation, contract revision and servicing, sponsor follow-up and support, trade shows development, and representing the Company at industry functions.
Ability to prepare and present concise reports, proposals, and presentations.

Other principle duties as spelled out in the internal procedures documents of incumbents assigned to respective divisions within the organization.

Senior Marketing Specialist

King Fahd Road Saudi Arabia
Full Time Work

Published on 23 Apr 2020