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Reservoir Engineer - Well Modelling (CMG Software) (WS/2871)

Location:    Remote working
Job Status:    Contract (8 Weeks)
Start Date:    ASAP
Interview Date:    ASAP
Open To:    To all Nationalities
Job Overview:     A Consulting Services Company specialising in Upstream Oil and Gas seeks a Reservoir Engineer to undertake the task of enhancing well models established in CMG software and additionally to provide collaboration and support to their client’s Engineers. Applicants, are invited with 10+ years’ experience in constructing unconventional resource models in the CMG portfolio combined with a proven expertise using CMG’s software suite. The project is estimated to take a maximum of 8 weeks for the completion of 3 well models.

The work can be done remotely and made available on UAE time zone from 9am to 3pm.  30% of the work will be shadowed by the Operators own Engineers.  The Consultant will be given access to the CMG software.  If the Consultant is in Abu Dhabi the preference would be to work out of the Operator’s office.  

    An initial sector/well simulation model using CMG software has been built and will be used in the full field development phase. However, it requires major improvements with new layering to match production testing.  

The objectives of the project will be clearly specified in a technical document with mutually set targets and milestones with the understanding that the outcome shall be a running model of the target area that would meet the criteria agreed upon.  
Responsibilities:    Your primary responsibilities will be to:
•    Modification of existing well sector models
•    Redefining layer resolution where wells are located since the current model has insufficient resolution to study the hydraulic fracture height. Support selection of criteria on basis of fidelity but also compute time efficiency.
•    Adding compaction tables for the hydraulic fractures since the only compaction tables for natural fractures were used in existing model.
•    Analyze current water saturation distribution by flow unit and study the possibility to create water saturation definition by flow units. This would allow for a more realistic approach in the simulation model once high-water saturation areas are located.
•    Defining natural fracture distribution since current model assumes natural fractures exist throughout the model thereby creating huge drainage area for the producer well. This could be avoided by adding several barriers between flow units. Another assumption that could be added is the assumption that all natural fracture are initially closed and will open when the hydraulic fractures are created around the wellbore.
•    Adding gas adsorption to the model.
•    Improving relative permeability correlations in the hydraulic fractures as well as defining high water saturation cells in the hydraulic fractures and around the well to better represent the initial condition after fracturing the well.

Preferences:     The successful candidate will have:
•    Degree in Petroleum Engineering or equivalent essential. MSc or higher desired.
•    Minimum of 10 years hands on well modelling experience essential.
•    High level of proficiency using the CMG modelling software is critical
•    Strong background/understanding of hydraulic fractures essential.
•    Reservoir Simulations Background essential.
•    Knowledge/expertise of building reservoir simulation models in Petrel desired.
•    Strong Delivery focus essential – can deliver high quality study within specified timeline.
•    Experience in working unconventional resources preferred.
•    Previous experience in the Middle East advantageous.
•    Strong interpersonal skills –ability to relay technical knowledge and concepts in a coherent and friendly manner.
•    Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English essential. Arabic advantageous.

Package:    A competitive Day Rate is on offer dependent on skills and experience.
To apply for this job:  
1)   email asap - see link
2)    Make sure you have a current CV
3)    Make sure you submit a Cover Letter in support of your application, should outline a) why you feel you may be particularly suited to this position (i.e. relevant skills/experience and education) b) your availability and c) your DAY RATE expectations


Reservoir Engineer - Well Modelling (CMG Software) (WS/2871)

Remote, OR 97458
Short Term Contract
5 - 10 years of experience

Published on 7 Jun 2021