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Project/Data Analyst

The Lubricants organization is embracing a Digital Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) change management program of which will digitalize the core of Lubricants product data and redesign the E2E processes for accountability, speed and agility. The role of Artwork Data Manager will focus primarily on the discovery, validation and organization of structured key elements according to the deployment requirements and mapped strategy relating to Lubricants Artwork Management. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the innovation solutions and transition to digitalization development of Shell Lubricants product artwork attributes while unlocking value through significantly improving the time to market.

The primary purpose of this role is to contribute to the transition to digitalization through the process of extraction and organization of the required information and documentation related to the various subject matters directly impacting the artwork design and developmental change.
This role is a unique 18-month project assignment that will have the ability to contribute and deliver substantial change. The successful candidate will be expected to deliver timely projects based on predetermined design directly impacting the development and deployment of the artwork management change program. This candidate will be required to work across multiple time zones in order to address and align with various stakeholders which may result in the need to work flexible hours.

Key responsibilities for the role:

  • Support and deliver the development and organization of information from numerous systems

  • The discovery, validation and organization of various required elements in a timely manner

  • Work closely with many global stakeholders to develop, extract and organize elements and attributes against key objectives and deployment requirements

  • Work closely with multiple subject matter experts to extract outlined elements against key purposes

  • Participate in and record any possible dependencies with attributes through a managed risk matrix

  • Record and outline all element validations noting key ownerships with stakeholders

Project/Data Analyst

Full Time Work

Published on 23 Apr 2020