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Management Assistant

What's the role?

  • Agenda Management Full management schedule/ diary/ calendar of senior staff.
  • Keeping track of permanent and travel whereabouts of staff in the department.
  • Scheduling variety of styles of meetings for attendees working in multiple time zones, including booking facilities when necessary, preparing content and co-ordinating outcomes Day to day Activities
  • Managing large e-mail volume, reports, post, phone calls and messaging, distribution list via the various Shell IT methods, and solid understanding of these facilities to guide and troubleshoot for Managers.
  • Set-up of Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing and Web Conferences.
  • Collating, monitoring/action-tracking, co-ordinating or routing/delegating the above items and business tasks/actions to respective parties on behalf of Managers.Travel arrangements
  • Co-ordinating end-to-end travel arrangements for senior staff as required. This may include: visa/passport managing, flight bookings, transfer bookings, hotel reservations, office arrangements, arranging f2f session itineraries liaising with local staff, relevant and accurate printouts, car rental service, etc.Organising/ coordinating events in/ outside Shell offices
    • Examples: Social events, Leadership Team Meetings, External company peer or supplier collaboration sessions. These events often require researching and booking appropriate to HSSE expectations and within budget venues, catering, transportation (coordination of or guidance dependent on level of staff) and full administration before, during and after the event and misc items as needed.General office management
  • Assisting in preparation of documents, reports, presentation material.
  • Arranging on-boarding of new staff
  • Relevant building access of external visitors and visiting staff, at times preparing the agenda; greeting and escorting the visitor(s) as needed, ensuring HSSE policy is adhered to.
  • Maintaining organisation charts and webpages.
  • Business Focal Point for buildings real estate and facilities management liaising with team and facilities team managing issues and flow of information Data Management
  • Maintaining reference documents held within Sharepoint, and own storage.
  • Manage the Permissions of folders where team documentation is held.
  • Ongoing monitoring SharePoint site design and recommending best practice updates according to changing needs of teams storage and collaboration, and actioning accordingly Procurement
  • Managing Department Card, and championing best practice purposes via business 3 Ways 2 Buy method.
  • Setting up Purchase Orders, paying invoices through GSAP, Filing Invoices and fulfilling other Contracting & Procurement requirements.

Management Assistant

Full Time Work

Published on 11 Aug 2020