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Mainframe Computer Engineer Specialist


The main functions of the specialist is the Operation and maintenance of the old mainframe computer software and hardware as well as installing, configuring system software, designing and coding a new applications to run in the old mainframe.

Fujitsu Siemens mainframe experience is a MUST for this position

Duties and responsibilities:-
- Perform design  and  development of the existing old Mainframe  computer to keep it working to meet the company requirements.
- Check mainframe computer system  malfunction with  operator's and uses more extensive knowledge of computer operations in diagnostics and troubleshooting system problems.
- Perform mainframe equipments repair, cables connections, board and components replacement to identify problems and operate the system.

-  Developing and implementing disaster recovery plans.
- Perform reviewing, analysing and modifying programming systems.
- Perform Coding, testing, installing programming systems and  debugging of the mainframe system software.
- Prepare and order mainframe spare parts.

Job requirements:-
- Education in computer engineering or information technology.
- Experience not less than 15 years in mainframe computer operations, programming and maintenance includes sold experience in Fujitsu Siemens mainframe computer with operating system BS2000/OSD12.Fujitsu Siemens mainframe computer with operating system BS2000/OSD12.
- Ability to communicate and write clear and effective English.
- Good communication and interpersonal skills. 

Summary of Terms & Conditions:
• Work Cycle of 56 Days Work /21 Days Leave Including Travel days ( Europe & North America Candidates )
• Work Cycle of 65 Days Work /21 Days Leave Including Travel days ( Other Candidates )
• 9 Hours a day
• 6 Days a week
• Payment for work days only
• Air fare travel by Economy Class
• Medical cover
• Accident Cover
• Accommodation, Food & Internal transportation to be provided by the client
• Single Status

Mainframe Computer Engineer Specialist

Full Time Work, Long Term Contract
more than 10 years of experience

Published on 30 Aug 2021