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Lead Reservoir Geologist


We are looking to hire a Lead Reservoir Geologist for an international oil and gas client in Basrah. the candidate must have at least 10 years of working experience in Oil and Gas industry, good knowledge and understanding of Upstream Activities and fluency in English is a must.

Job objective
Perform and reviews
geological studies, and to analyze and interpret geological data
(Seismic surveys, E-logs, master logs and core data) and integrate with
dynamic data (production/test data and fluid data) the objective of
quantifying hydrocarbons in place and optimize reservoir management and
field development. Also responsible for generating new
development/appraisal locations, support for new well geological
proposal and drilling programs, gathering data and evaluating drilled
wells, must have a thorough understanding of Development/reservoir
geology and have mastery of Geomodelling software such as Petrel.
Responsibilities not only generating the 3D geocellular models, QC of
the input and output data of the models concerned in order to provide
the highest possible quality of results but also leadership skills in
previous teams.

Key responsibilities

  • To
    analyze all available well data, subsurface and surface analogues,
    production and test data and 2D/3D seismic to build a geological model
    in 3 dimensions.
  • To provide the geological input into multi-disciplinary reservoir studies.
  • To
    support seismic interpretation of field data working closely with the
    geophysicist to aid in an optimum structural interpretation and make use
    of seismic attribute/seismic sequence stratigraphy to support reservoir
    description and modelling.
  • To
    support a timely and proper evaluation and quantification of depth
    based well data to layer and populate geological models in an effective
  • To extrapolate data between wells using the most appropriate deterministic or statistical technique.
  • To
    support the auditing of the database applied within the geological
    model and ensure that it is maintained and updated regularly.
  • To
    work closely with reservoir engineers to generate the appropriate
    geological model for input into dynamic modelling and contribute to the
    dynamic model calibration.
  • To identify unexploited hydrocarbon accumulations and promote future investments.
  • To provide technical advice on data collection and laboratory studies related to logging and coring.
  • To map and estimate HCIIP and highlighting potential variations (ranges), features and uncertainties.
  • To
    test and apply geological knowledge and experience to understand and
    quantify the lateral and vertical distribution of the hydrocarbons in
    place. This will also entail analyzing the geological uncertainties
    which effect HCIIP and expressing the range of possible static reserves
    under a variety of possible circumstances.
  • To identify and standardize the reservoir boundary parameters for ultimate recoveries (faulting, stratigraphy etc.)

Health, Security, Safety and Environment

  • Demonstrate
    safety leadership and strongly advocate Health Safety and Environment
    (HSE) policies and guidelines. Ensure clear description and
    communication of subsurface risks during drilling of new wells.
  • Ensure
    compliance with all relevant HSSE management policies, procedures and
    controls within own area, monitoring, reviewing and evaluating on a
    continuous basis, and a responsible environmental attitude.
  • Leading by example and develop a strong safety-first culture within the own and (sub)contractor workforce

People & Contractor Management

  • Manage
    the activities and work performed by Contractors such as (studies and
    core analysis) and ensure that it is carried out in an efficient and
    effective manner. Build good relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Recommend training and development for team members to build their capabilities.
  • Contribute to knowledge dissemination/sharing in a way that assists with building internal capabilities of employees.
  • Develop overview of contractor’s strength and weaknesses and intervene as and when required exercising contractual rights.
  • Contribute to Block 9 CSR strategy execution

Policies, Systems, Processes and Procedures

  • Implement
    all relevant policies, processes, procedures and instructions so that
    work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.
  • Contribute
    to the identification of opportunities for the continuous improvement
    of systems, processes and practices to increase productivity and
    operational efficiency.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • MSc in Geology.

Minimum Experience:

  • 10 years of working experience in Oil and Gas Industry, good knowledge and understanding of Upstream Activities.
  • Expert knowledge of Petrel is a must.
  • Experience on carbonate reservoirs
  • Good communication skills and ability to work in multidisciplinary Team

Job-Specific Skills:

  • Initiative and desire to learn and expand within role.
  • Sound
    sedimentological and petrophysical background, understanding of
    reservoir characterization and 3D modelling techniques, basic seismic
    interpretation abilities,
  • competence with mapping techniques.
  • Understands and can integrate core and log data into a cohesive reservoir model & build representative reservoir rock types
  • Understand the key carbonate subsurface uncertainties and its impact to the reservoir behavior.
  • Skill in project management from project inception.
  • Strong
    presentation/communication skills, ability to communicate subsurface
    technical / geological concepts in easy and understandable terms to
    non-subsurface staff.
  • Good overview of exploration, development and production phases.
  • Strong ability to synthesize information and to integrate it into the working project

*Only applicants meeting the strict criteria outlined above will be contacted as part of the shortlisting process


Lead Reservoir Geologist

Full Time Work
more than 10 years of experience

Published on 6 Oct 2020