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Geophysicist – Assessment of Land Seismic Equipment and Crew (WS/3039)

Please only apply if you have the relevant experience   

Job Status:    Contract – 15 Days  

Start Date:    End of November

Open To:    To all Nationalities

Job Overview:     URGENT – Expression of interests urgently required - Our Client is completing a Tender for Services – EOI’s needed by 20th October

Our Client, a global Company focused on providing technology and engineering solutions seeks a Geophysicist to provide an independent review of seismic equipment and personnel for their oil operator client, who has commissioned a Seismic Contractor to conduct a 3D Seismic Survey on land.

Applicants invited with a minimum of 10 years industry-related experience, especially in 3D Single sensor land seismic data acquisition and some experience with the INOVA recording system and equipment.

Responsibilities:    You will undertake many tasks such as:
•    Provide a technical audit on the seismic Contractor's crew prior to the commencement of the seismic data acquisition works
•     Provide an assessment of the quality and capability of all equipment, personnel, and procedures adopted by the Contractor.
•    Watch over the seismic acquisition parameter testing, supervise the testing process, monitor results and recommend decisions on final acquisition parameters.
•    Ensure and verify the following:
#All the acquisition and field processing equipment are provided as per the contract between the oil operator and the Contractor and ready to be utilized.
#That the entire seismic Contractor's equipment meets the manufacturer's specifications, and the equipment is in safe and work order.
#That all equipment tests are conducted with regard to the aforesaid Contract Specifications and ensure that quality data shall be acquired.
•    Ensure that the seismic Contractor's crew has met all the pre-work requirements and specifications and can commence the works.
•    The Geophysicist shall cover the inspection of the entire seismic Contractor's equipment, including but not limited to:
#Recording System: -Harmonic Distortion - impulse Response (filter response) - Dynamic Range - o Gain and Phase Accuracy - Noise and DC offset -Polarity Checks
#Systems Timing: -Timing performance shall be checked for: -Internal recording system (checked against a GPS standard clock source) -Time Break Accuracy -Blaster radio delays and stability
#Vibrator Testing: conduct a complete set of tests to ensure/determine the performance of the vibrators. The tests shall be performed using an independent vibrator test system and independent accelerometers. Wireline tests shall also be recorded and saved on the recording instrument for later processing. The analysis shall be performed and completed for: - Timing Test - Polarity (ground force should be in phase with the reference sweep) - Peak Force Determination - Distortion - Phase Error - Stability
#Geophone Testing: select a representative sample of field geophones/sensors (10-20% of the total number of the geophones) for testing using appropriate geophone testers where immediate pass/fail results shall be obtained. The tests shall include but not limited to: -Distortion - Natural Frequency - DC Resistance - Dynamic Resistance - Damping - Sensitivity - Polarity (case moves down, positive output from geophone) - Leakage
•    Test Procedures for the recording system, telemetry units, and vibrators shall be based on standard geophysical industry criteria and the manufacturer's performance specifications to ensure reliable and accurate operations. You will ensure:
# ensure that during mobilization, all the units required for the performance of the works should be inspected and shall be approved as being in accordance with the requirements.
# ensure that the recording equipment must meet all the manufacturer's specifications and the normal geophysical industry standards.
#propose and suggest any standard and emerging relevant tests and techniques that is deemed necessary to achieve the objectives of audit/inspection.
#Provide a detailed description of each test and technique such that the Company representatives have a thorough understanding of the test and technique function.

Preferences:     The successful candidate will have:
•    A degree in geophysics or equivalent essential
•    A minimum of 10 years of industry-related experience, especially in 3D Single sensor land seismic data acquisition essential.
•    Some relevant experience with the INOVA recording system and equipment essential.
•    Proven experience in a similar role essential.
•    Can work independently and represent the oil operator throughout.
•    Strong communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate with all members of the Seismic Crew and the Oil Operator Personnel.
•    Previous experience working Middle East assets desired.  
•    Strong technical skills –ability to relay and report on all aspects of the technical equipment etc. in a coherent and friendly manner
•    Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English essential.
•    Arabic advantageous.

Package:    This is a 15 day contract. An attractive Tax Free Day Rate is on offer, plus the Company will arrange VISA and assist with flights and accommodation etc.

Please submit Your Cover Letter in support of your application - should outline a) why you feel you may be particularly suited to this position (i.e. relevant skills/experience and education) b) your availability and c) your day rate expectations.



Geophysicist – Assessment of Land Seismic Equipment and Crew (WS/3039)

Short Term Contract
more than 10 years of experience

Published on 14 Oct 2021