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Fundamentals Team Lead

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Shell Energy Europe (SEE) sells and actively trades energy-related products and services associated with European natural gas, power, and environmental products. SEE was created in late 2009 through the combination of Shell Energy Europe (formally part of Gas and Power) and Shell Energy Trading. Having been an early mover in integrating marketing and trading, SEE successfully navigated its way through a time of unprecedented industry turmoil.
Fundamentals are the shaping factors of the European energy and carbon markets: supply, demand, weather, relevant commodity prices, LNG imports, power-generation capacity, storage availability, and infrastructure bottlenecks. The purpose of the team is to gain a deep understanding of the current market situation, including the current flow-picture and consultant’s view of the market and develop foresight, with respect to these factors, that can be translated into commercial gain. World-class learning and professional development opportunities

What’s the role?

The Fundamental Team Lead role has five reports and reports to the GM Analytics, who reports directly to the VP Shell Energy Europe (SE-EE). Proximity to the VP highlights the importance we place on fundamental analysis in Shell Energy Europe. The output from this team is a key part of the decision making process for both proprietary and organisation business. This is used directly by the Power business and indirectly through other parts of SE-EE such as the Gas desk and the wider Shell Energy and New Energies organisations. The Power business itself is one of the key growth areas of the organisation given Shell’s aspirations to be a leading company in the energy transition. There is constant interaction with the key proprietary decision-makers such as the GM Power and the Power Trading Leads, and it is expected that the individual will lead the team to have a direct impact on the bottom line through the use of detailed fundamental analysis.

Fundamentals Team Lead

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Published on 12 Aug 2020