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External Relations Business Partner (PT)

Lead the External Relations (ER) Projects & Technology (P&T) reputation planning process, engagement & content strategy for a rapidly growing and high-profile external agenda. In this capacity, this individual will work closely with the VP ER, ER Managers across technical divisions
Develop, together with the ER Content advisor for ER PT, high quality content (technical and non-technical) in support of the PT Reputation Plan.
75% business partnering / 25% content development


  • You will work closely with the ER VP in driving the reputation planning cycle and following up with the PT ER Leadership Team during the year for its effective delivery and KPI measurement. This is a substantial role that requires to develop intimate knowledge of the PT business priorities and reputational objectives, and strong integration skills.

  • Lead the definition of the P&T corporate engagement strategy (identification of key conferences where PT should participate, identification of industry awards we should seek, assessment of new opportunities raised by senior leaders). Work with the ER PT Leadership Team on the execution of planning / comms materials and strategic communications to deliver the engagement plan.

  • Technical content expert that works with the ER team on the definition and parts of the development of proactive / strategic content. ~25% of this role is related to content and will therefore work very closely with the P&T Content advisor in Krakow to fully deliver the content strategy he/she is accountable for.

  • You will coordinate a number of deliverables on behalf of PT ER team, including monthly highlights, input to the investors handbook, input to the sustainability report and end-of-the year reports, input to the works of the reputational risk ER team led by ER Corporate.

  • Monitor trends, risks, and opportunities for key P&T themes in the external landscape and collaborate with the ER Managers of the different P&T Technical Divisions to find ways to bring ‘the outside in’ more, including identifying key stakeholders and actively finding opportunities to build external relationships with them.

External Relations Business Partner (PT)

Full Time Work

Published on 1 Aug 2020