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Environmental Scientist - Marine

Position Description:
Marine Environment Protection (MEPU) is seeking an Environmental Scientist to join the Environmental Engineering Division of Environmental Protection Department.

The Environmental Engineering Division (EED) is responsible for providing timely and cost effective technical solutions through leadership in technology transfer, research and development, environmental standards, and planning. The EED consists of four (4) Units and one (1) Group. EED provides services such as; consultation on air quality, meteorology, hazardous waste management, terrestrial ecology, and marine protection issues, Air Quality & Meteorology Monitoring Network (AMMNET), Monitor and Reduce SO2 emissions, Monitor and Reduce Flaring, Monitor and Reduce VOC/HAP Emissions, Ozone Abatement Program, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management, Terrestrial biodiversity monitoring program, Marine sciences research and monitoring, Sea State Monitoring Program, Tide tables preparation for the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea, Sea Clams Sampling (Bioaccumulation) monitoring program, Artificial Reefs Monitoring program, Mangroves plantation, Marine biodiversity monitoring program, Industrial Waste minimization opportunity assessment, Industrial Waste Management Monitoring Program, Waste Management Contractors Monitoring Program, Environmental impact assessment (EIA), Environmental Management System (EMS), Knowledge Management Program, Environmental GIS applications, and Capital Project Review.

The MEPU is responsible for providing marine environmental consultations and services that aim for the protection of the environment and support coastal and offshore operations and projects, and assure compliance with company, government and international standards. Assesses the impact of Company operations on the Marine environment, monitoring discharges, evaluating impact, and reporting on results. This includes the collection, analysis and dissemination of information as well as developing corrective action to address deficiencies. Oversees the collection, analysis, and publication of data on tidal conditions for the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf. Responsible for the collection of oceanographic data and publication of an ocean current atlas for marine operations and offshore project design criteria.

Minimum Requirements:
As the successful candidate you are required to hold a Master degree in physical oceanography from a recognized and approved program. A PhD degree in hydrodynamic modeling is preferred.

The candidate will have 5 years’ experience in the discipline of hydrodynamic modeling with a recognized organization in modeling field.

At least 3 years’ experience in the Red sea and the Arabian Gulf hydrodynamic system.

The candidate must have a high competency level that include but not limited to hydraulic, hydrodynamic, dispersion & water quality modelling including demonstrated experience of model build, calibration and validation processes and scenarios analyses using 1D, 2D and 3D modelling tools.

The candidate will be able to demonstrate Experience in integrating coastal numerical modelling and environmental aspects with i.e. EIA / SEA / AA is an advantage

Published at least three peer viewed papers in the Red Sea and/or the Arabian Gulf in Q1 classified journal is a requirement

Experience of scoping, management and delivery of effluent dispersion modelling studies in saltwater/freshwater, transitional and coastal environments is also necessary

The candidate should have the ability to speak, write reports or articles in English using both scientifically correct terminology and terms acceptable at various intellectual levels.

Duties & Responsibilities:
The candidate will be required to perform the following:

Forecast the oil spill fate to support the company to act decisively during emergencies,

Hindcast the source of the pollution to try link them to the source,

Provide an atmospheric forecast for Saudi Aramco’s projects and operations,

Develop, manage, update and maintain the operational oceanographic system in the company,

Develop and maintain the database for met-ocean data,

Contributing and co-authoring and reviewing complex technical documents for coastal and offshore ecosystems,

Participate in near-shore and offshore marine surveys for marine biological, chemical and physical studies supporting technical report preparation,

Ability to oversee collection and analysis of large spatially explicit data sets,

Assist with scoping inshore and offshore marine field programs,

Working closely in a team setting with other Saudi Aramco marine group and natural resource scientists,

Makes recommendations on work methods and procedures and technical innovations by devising practical and economical solutions to problems in own discipline,

Makes recommendations on research requests, objectives, priorities, and timing,

Assess need for change and recommends development of standards,

Assess work against standards, objectives and specifications,

Utilizes advanced scientific principles, theories, practices and existing technologies when working on unusually complex technical problems,

Interprets and records data, conducts analyses, compares findings to relevant studies and local, state, and federal regulations to ensure compliance, and

Develops solutions which are highly innovative. Assignments are often self-initiated. Acts as advisor to management and clients.

Environmental Scientist - Marine

King Fahd Road Saudi Arabia
Full Time Work

Published on 1 Aug 2020