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Commercial & Contract Management Officer

The mission of the Planning & Fulfillment function is to support profitable growth by ensuring the accurate tactical planning of our demand and our operations, optimizing inventory and resource management and the perfect fulfillment of customers’ orders. This mission is achieved by balancing and improving five metrics: customer on-time delivery, inventory, lead-time, forecast accuracy and resource optimization.

ABB Turbocharging manufactures and maintains turbochargers for engines on ships, power stations, diesel locomotives and large, off-highway vehicles. We focus on how to help our customers today, while driving innovation in anticipation of future challenges.

Partner of Local PL managers and Sales managers to drive excellence and effectiveness in commercial process optimization, including establishing effective and efficient commercial process, providing high quality and transparent sales forecast. Support business of IATU for contract management whilst ensuring compliance in legal and trade compliance and guidelines.

Commercial & Contract Management Officer

Full Time Work

Published on 1 Aug 2020